Your Weight Loss Journey: How to Start


Weight-loss doesn’t have to be scary. Here are my 5 best tips that helped me kick off my almost 40 lb (so far!) weight loss that will def help you:

Find Your Niche

There are literally thousands of diets out there, each with varying levels of strictness- Keto, Paleo, Grapefruit, South Beach, Body Reset, Weight Watchers, IIFYM, just to name a few. Before you embark on investing a ton of money into books, meal plans, groceries, or coaches, make sure the plan sounds like something you can generally adhere to. For me, I know that I’ll go crazy on unhealthy snacks if I can’t have fruit, so diets that prohibit fruit are a hell naw from me. Think about your absolute non-negotiables and find what fits.

Everything In Moderation

Guess what. It’s still possible to gain weight on a diet. “Healthy” doesn’t always mean “calorie-free” and vice versa. Keep an eye on your portions and track calories if you need to (My two fave apps are Lose It! and MyFitnessPal, though I do like the Lose It! interface a lot better) Oh, and you’re allowed to have “cheat” foods, just not all day, every day, to the point of your pants not fitting. Above all, this is my most practical tip and the core belief of my dieting practices. Balance before everything.

Easy Replacements

* yelling emoji * WATER * yelling emoji * But really, replace some of your daily drinks with water. Your body evolved to thrive on the stuff, and it will do wonders for your insides and outsides. Replace a 12oz steak with a 6oz. Swap vegetable oil for olive oil. Bake chicken instead of frying it. Try whole wheat instead of white bread. I promise, it’s totally bearable and after awhile, you’ll wonder how you even ate the unhealthy stuff in the first place. (me @ white bread)

Get Moving

You knew it was coming, right? I used to hate looking for weight-loss advice and seeing the inevitable exercise note. Back in my day, there was no such thing as fun exercise. There was running, the workout bike, and something called the Nordic Track Ski Machine.

But now? Online workouts! Zumba! Weight-lifting! Yoga! Barre! Rock climbing! The world of activity is yours to find what motivates and moves you, and even more, there’s tons of online communities for anything you may be interested in. Try being active at least three times a week. Whatever it is you like, do it because it’s fun and beneficial. No matter the intensity, social acceptability, or how many of your IRL friends are also interested in it. Do it. If you treat exercise like cruel and unusual punishment, you’ll never do it.

Believe In Yourself

Really, truly, deeply. And remember, you can’t succeed if you never start.


Much love and many thanks,


PS: I want to see you start and kick butt on your journey! Let’s chat on IG (@workinitoutt) or twitter (@workinitoutt) xoxoxo



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