Working Out for Beginners

In my last post, I mentioned how to start your weight loss journey. One of my notes was to get yourself moving. It’s easier said than done, but if you’re a beginner, being active may seem especially intimidating. There’s a scary stigma around working out that it’s only meant for the already fit. It’s simply not true! Exercise is for everyone and here’s how to get into your groove.

Try Everything

You can’t know what you’ll love, like, tolerate, and absolutely detest unless you try it.

While I was growing up, I played basketball and softball, both of which helped me manage some of my adolescent weight gain. During the off season, my dad had my brother and me go on runs with him. It was here I discovered my lifelong hatred for running.

I found Zumba through infomercial DVD sales. I tried yoga at my university rec center. Take whatever opportunities arise for new workouts. You never know what you’ll fall in love with.

Make Working Out Fun

So you learned that you love barre but your gym only offers it twice a week and sometimes you’re scheduled to work during class time. Still try and hop on the elliptical or go for a walk. I make my “obligation cardio” fun in a few different ways.

On some days, I listen to a banging playlist. On other days, I watch Law and Order: SVU on my phone and get so wrapped up in the crazy plot twists that 45 minutes just flies by. And some other days, I’m in competition with my previous Fitbit stats or trying to out-calorie burn a certain calorie-intake number.

And even if you do enjoy obligation cardio, there may still be some days that you’re not feeling it, sooo….

Take a Gym Selfie

You don’t even have to post it. Taking pics while you work on yourself is great for multiple reasons. First, you can look back at the pics and see that you’re out here doin’ it. Look at you all drenched in sweat from cardio kickboxing class!

Second, you can never take enough photos of your “before” and “during.” Almost all my photos at my heaviest weight were angled a certain way, and I was always in full makeup and two shapewear girdles. An honest before/during will make the afters all the better.

Don’t worry about not looking InstaModel perfect. They do their real work off camera.

This was me, absolutely wrecked after a weightlifting sesh with my bf.

Believe in Yourself

Just for the satisfaction of knowing your lungs can expand and your heart can beat and that you’re doing the damn thing and killing the game.

Much love and many thanks,


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