23 Life Lessons for 23 Years

This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday. As I grow older and closer to being an Actual Adult, I become more reflective and interested in sharing some of my accumulated wisdom. I know 23 is young, but I believe in these life lessons. Implement just one and see how much better your life is. I promise.

23 Life Lessons

  1. Learn what you like and what you don’t
  2. Same goes for what you will and won’t accept- If you don’t like the way someone talks to you, don’t let them! Same goes for allowing randos to text you past midnight. If you don’t like it, don’t reply. (But if you do, I mean, have fun girl, live your life!)
  3. Say yes to new things
  4. Save some money- Every paycheck, I save at least 10 to 20% of what I get. This is something new that I’ve done with my current job, since it’s hard af to save 20% of 8.15/hr, but it’s the oldest piece of financial advice I have.
  5. Take a chance on your dreams Just be smart about it, okay? Move to LA but make sure you can afford it. Launch your blog, even when no one’s reading. If you plant the seed of your dream and keep watering it and giving it sunshine, it will grow into a beautiful little dream plant.
  6. Always keep learning
  7. Don’t smoke– This is a lesson I’ve picked up from other people. One of the most shocking things I ever read was that if you have to choose between quitting smoking and attempting significant weight loss, focus on quitting smoking first. Literally shook.
  8. Know your limits- It’s hilarious when you just turned 21 and don’t know how many shots it takes to get you tipsy. It’s tragic when you’re 23, drunk most of the week, gained 50 pounds in alcohol fat and you’re addicted to self-destructive behavior. Know when too much becomes too much.
  9. Take help where you can get it
  10. Use lotion- Even if you don’t get ashy like I do. You’ll smell nice and be soft. Who doesn’t want that?
  11. Drink water- I cannot stress this enough. You know it’s good for your skin, but did you also know it keeps your blood flowing well and blood pressure normal?
  12. Work for what’s worth it- In relationships, in health, in education. If it’s worth it, work for it.
  13. Send thank you notes- It’s good karma and keeps you in the good graces of people who can majorly influence your life path. (See: professors who write you letters of rec)
  14. Give compliments
  15. Know how to talk to people- Especially if they’re important. For example, interviewers are not your friends, and you should not talk to them as such.
  16. Learn what sets you off (and how to deal with it)
  17. Listen to your body- It took me awhile to learn the difference between my body saying, “You’re too out of shape to do P90x today, I’m bored, let’s nap,” and my body saying, “These cramps will make you vomit, take a break today.” Once I understood what my body’s signals meant, my overall wellness improved.
  18. Do things alone
  19. Don’t ruin your credit score- If you can help it. Aside from things like student loans, don’t run yourself into debt unnecessarily. If you get a 5000 dollar credit line, but you make minimum wage at part-time, DO NOT MAX OUT YOUR CARD IF YOU CANNOT PAY IT OFF. Having a decent-good credit score that looks like you’re new to credit will save you infinitely more hassle and money in the long term than immediately tanking your credit score. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  20. Know how to spot a scam- If you make more money signing someone up for your business than you do selling them products, issa scam.
  21. Invest in quality
  22. Vulnerability is power
  23. Believe in yourself- Because you’re the only one who can truly make yourself better.

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