May Weight-Loss Update, or Staying Away from Fast Food and Pizza

Time for my first weight loss update!

Last month on my Instagram, I mentioned on my story that I would be refraining from four things in May: pizza, soda, fast food, and alcohol. When I consume this stuff, I tend to have a hard time remembering that moderation is key. A day of fast food, makes me want to have it for a weekend. Two pieces of pizza turns into four. It gets expensive in terms of calories and spending money. I didn’t cut out anything that I really, truly loved (a point I made in one of my previous posts) I only cut out things that I knew I could live without.

So, how’d I do? Well…

Junk: Alcohol

Times Consumed: 0

Alcohol was probably the easiest thing to abstain from. My social life hasn’t really been poppin’ lately and I’d much rather drink with friends, out dancing, than drink alone while watching The Great British Bake Off.

Junk: Fast Food

Times Consumed: 0

This one is super shocking and was, honestly, pretty hard.

I came close a couple times, but the universe interceded and made the Chick-fil-A line reach into the street. Who has time for that?!

I have to say that this particular challenge of not eating fast food made me realize how used to the convenience of receiving food directly to my car I was. I noticed that my bank account stayed way fuller longer, since there wasn’t $6 here and $4 there leaving my wallet a few times a week.

Junk: Soda

Times Consumed: 1

I cancelled pop this month because I went wild with it in April, consuming it 9 days and probably multiple times during those days. It seemed like a natural fit to be put on a break, since it often crept in as a mixer or included drink with my fast food meal.

My bad pop of choice is Coke, preferably from McDonald’s in a large cup. Coke is the only one soda where I feel that sweet, sweet caffeine rush, making that pick-me-up effect super addicting. I started to wean myself off of soda in the middle of April, but had it one last time before the May ban.

In May, I stopped at a sandwich shop to pick up some dinner after a very emotional day. The were a Pepsi store, so I dodged the Coke bullet and settled for a Sierra Mist.

It was refreshing, sorry not sorry.

But! It was rather expensive and so ridiculously filling that I didn’t even finish my pop. My body was also bloated beyond belief. Later in the month, I didn’t miss soda much.

Junk: Pizza

Times Consumed: 1

My lactose intolerant digestive system is celebrating somewhere inside me. Pizza wrecks my innards every single time and it used to be my depression-fueled binge food of choice. I don’t binge on it like I used to, but I still daydreamed about pizza at work.

I was doing so well with avoiding it when my coworkers brought in thank-you pizza and the smell just….ughhhhh. I wanted that pizza so bad, I ate toppings I usually avoid. That meat lover’s pizza from a local joint with fresh ingredients? Stunning. I had two small pieces and had no regrets until I remembered that my streak was ruined.

How could I say no to some of this deliciousness from Danny Boy’s in CLE??

In May, I felt like I really took control over what I ate. Most days, I don’t attack eating and drinking with a plan, but having a few guidelines really helped with my overall results, until I hit a plateau at the very end of May (which makes sense, since I’m close to the one year mark of starting my weight-loss journey.)

What are some of your less-than-nutritious faves that you could take a break from?


Much love and many thanks,


PS: I lost 6 pounds in May, bringing my total weight lost to 40 (!!!!) pounds. xoxo

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