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The 10 Best Shows to Watch While Working Out

So it’s cardio day and you’ve got an hour to kill on the treadmill or elliptical. Why not make it your interruption-free TV time as well? Taking advantage of this time is actually one of my major tips to making a habit of exercising and can lead to long term success. Here are the 10 best shows to watch while working out and where to find them.

Show: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Where to Find It: Hulu, (where 429 of 433 episodes are available) USA reruns, or season 20 (!!) on NBC, Wednesdays at 9pm/8c in Fall 2018

Stabler and Benson in the good ol' days, via BravoTV
Ugh, can you please be a couple already? (via BravoTV)

Hulu is quickly becoming one of my favorite streaming sites due to the sheer amount of television is on there. Where other sites are removing properties they don’t own, Hulu is grabbing up all the TV possible.

This means that a whopping 19 seasons of everyone’s favorite disturbing-yet-somehow-endlessly-watchable shows, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is available for your viewing pleasure. Watch from the beginning, in a pre- Fin world, where Captain Cragen has hair, to the current season where Benson is the sole remaining cast member from the first season.

Every episode of SVU has enough twists and turns to blow through a solid hour on the arc trainer while you solve the case with the lead detectives and hope the DA can convince the jury for a guilty verdict.

Show: Sex and the City

Where to Find It: Amazon Prime (every episode) HBO Go (every episode), reruns on E! (edited for content)

Sex and the City, which premiered 20 years ago today, on June 6, 1998, was groundbreaking in its time for showcasing the female friendship of thirtysomething New Yorkers in a real, honest way. The four characters spoke frankly about nearly everything, and while some episodes don’t hold up so well- remember when Samantha started dating a black guy then decided to start speaking in jive? Yikes! – the heart of the show remains endearing, hilarious, and a treat to watch.

Show: Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian 

Where to Find It: E!, where season 3 is casting now!

Despite its name, Revenge Body isn’t really about “revenge.” It’s about completely transforming yourself for the better. Contestants meet with Khloé Kardashian and share the story of how they became out of shape, unhappy, and what their ideal selves are like. Khloé sets contestants up with trainers, who have varying personalities and specific methods to get results. At the end, contestants meet with Khloé again to get a makeover, then reveal their transformations to friends, family, and the person they declared wanting revenge on.

Revenge Body is an awesome watch for when you need some motivation to go to the gym, and Khloé is, surprisingly, an engaging host. My only wish is that this show had more than 16 episodes.

Luke Milton being a doll and replying to featuring him on my Insta story
That one time I mentioned trainer Luke Milton on Instagram and he replied. Love him.

Show: Botched

Where to Find It: E!, Wednesdays at 9pm

I love Botched for a really weird reason- One of my weight loss goals is to be healthy enough for plastic surgery. Do I have the money for it? No. Do I have anything I want done? Not really, I just like knowing that I could go in for surgery and reasonably get approved.

Botched showcases some really shocking, butchered plastic surgery work and the two expert plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, work to fix previously botched faces and bodies.

Show: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Where to Find It: Vh1, Thursdays at 8pm

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the best show on television right now, and I’m not saying that just because I’m a super-fan. The show, hosted by drag queen idol RuPaul, features drag queens doing just about any show-business challenge you can think of, from creating and making an ad for their own perfumes to doing live theatre.

I love this show so much, it deserves a multitude of posts, but just know that it will boost your self-esteem and you will be completely engrossed in the world of drag queens by the time you get off the elliptical.

Bob the Drag Queen and me at Axis Columbus, two years ago
Me with Season 8 Winner Bob the Drag Queen. Ask how many cinchers I was wearing

Show: Queer Eye

Where to Find It: Netflix

Queer Eye, a reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which aired a decade ago on Bravo, features a team of five gay lifestyle experts who go out into the world to improve people’s lives. In case you couldn’t tell, I adore a show of improvement and helping others become their best selves.

The New FabFive have helpful tips and tricks to apply to your life, no matter your size, shape, race, or age.

Show: American Ninja Warrior/Ultimate Beastmaster

Where to Find It: NBC, Wednesdays 8pm during the summer/ Netflix

ANW and Ultimate Beastmaster get put together because they’re extremely similar: In-shape people attempt to finish an insane obstacle course. They’re great to watch while working out because you can see the human body pushed to its absolute peak performance.

Once, I was lucky enough to be between the TVs playing NBC and E! and got to watch Botched and American Ninja Warrior at the same time. It was awesome.

Show: My 600-lb Life

Where to Find It: TLC

If you follow me on Instagram, My 600-lb Life is always making an appearance on my Insta stories. It’s hard not to feel for the featured subjects, and you want desperately for them to shed some weight. It’s always exciting when a formerly bed-bound person starts to go to the gym, or drive a car again. The show’s surgeon, Dr. Now, is the sassiest person you will see on television, Drag Race queens included.

And if you’re into relationship drama like me, someone who is going to school to be a marriage therapist, this show is chock-full of awful husbands that you actively root against so that the featured female can blossom without him.

Show: Supernatural 

Where to Find It: The CW, Thursdays at 8pm and Netflix (12 of 13 seasons)

Supernatural is the long-running family drama about two (super hot) brothers who hunt paranormal creatures and investigate strange happenings. What started as a monster-of-the-week show has turned into a behemoth soap opera with full and deep mythology.

When you get into Supernatural, you get into it hard. 

Show: Literally any food competition show

Where to Find It: Everywhere

Food competition shows seem counterproductive to why you’re slaving away doing cardio.

But hear me out.

Food competition shows showcase stunning plates and display food as art. Watching these shows, that shows you what food can truly be makes you totally reconsider fast food and microwaveable stuff. Whenever Gordon Ramsay cooks, he compliments the ingredients he’s using, showing off a piece of steak as “stunning” and calling fresh asparagus “gorgeous.” Compare that to watching a behind the scenes video of how McDonald’s burgers are made.

So what are your favorite shows to watch on cardio day? Let me know in the comments!

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