Macys Backstage Fitting Room Try-On

To be honest, I never thought I would be doing a fitting room try-on post. I am not a fashion blogger and I know that dressing room lighting is not flattering in the slightest. But! I have two big trips coming up, without a thing to wear that fits who I am now, physically or mentally.

The last time I was at my current weight, it was 2013. Obviously, a lot has changed in fashion, plus size clothing, and what I’m willing to try. So, without further ado, here I am trying to figure out what works:

Macy’s Backstage

My local Macy’s recently renovated to include an outlet section called “Macy’s Backstage.” It resembles a mini-Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx. I was really impressed with the selection and price point of everything I found.

This floral skirt was the best thing I found all day. It was a size Large, with an elastic waistband, so there was very generous sizing. I thought my own black shirt was okay with the skirt, but decided that I needed to find a white top to go with it.


Man, I really want to be able to wear strapless jumpsuits. At my highest weight, it seemed like an impossible dream. When I turned to the side, I looked pregnant from both angles. I just hated the way my body looked in them.

This jumpsuit was a total risk for me. I purposely tried it on in a 2x, leaving room for my bubble butt and belly. I considered taking it, however it didn’t make me feel as fabulous as I would have liked. If I’m going to spend my money, it better make me feel awesome, and this just didn’t make the cut.

Furthermore, if anyone has tips on wearing strapless with broad shoulders, drop your knowledge, because I need some help!

I love what I call the “Magnum PI” outfit. Outfits with vintage influence are a new concept to me and I’m absolutely over the moon for it.

The pants are a Jockey active legging that I had to roll up to create a cropped pant illusion. I used to work at a Jockey outlet store and the deal at this Macy’s Backstage is even better than our employee discount. They’re awesome to wear high waisted and incredible quality. If you can snatch them up for $17, do so.

loved this Hawaiian influenced crop… until it came over my chest. My boobs are just too big for this size Large top, and of course, there was no XL lying around. The shirt only worked if I kept it unbuttoned dangerously low, and at this point in my life, I need outfits that can work in any situation. Regrettably, I had to leave the shirt.

RIP. I can’t go around popping buttons.

And now for the absolute YIKES

No Comment, indeed. This was an XL with stretch and my chest was still pulling at the top. Plus, these shorts are too mini for me to ever consider wearing in public and didn’t make me feel good at all.

You’ll notice that I’m clutching the chest part of this romper closed, as this is not a lingerie blog. It was obscenely cut and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

The romper looks okay in photos, but was skin tight and unflattering in real life. A true hot mess.

Do you see the striped dress in the background? That one didn’t even come close to closing anywhere. A true, deep, yikes.

Forever 21

Forever 21, aka Forever A Hot Mess. It’s true for how I was at 21 and for every single Forever 21 store I walk into. Their plus size leaves a lot to be wanted and their straight size seems to be extra small to be sure that no one even in-between plus and straight can fit into their straight. It’s a blegh.

I took pictures of a few things, but nothing was worth showing. At all. Eventually I got so frustrated, I stopped trying what I had in my room and put it all back. Luckily, I had a kick-ass Zumba class right after and it melted all my stresses away.

What’s your favorite place to find summer clothes?


Much love and many thanks,


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